Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Jim Corbett National Park

About 200 miles north-east of Delhi lies the "Land of the Trumpet, Roar and Song". The Jim Corbett National Park, with its jungle area spread across 1300 sq. kms. is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Elephant and the singing Bulbul - and that is just a partial list of its many thousand inmates.

The Corbett National Park established in August 1936 is India's oldest National Park. The then British administration reserved a 324 sq. km area as a 'game reserve' known as the Hailey National Park. After the British left, the new Indian government renamed the park twice in successive years - first as the Ramganga National Park and then as the Jim Corbett National Park, as it is now known. The second and final rechristening was in the honour of the famous hunter turned conservationist, Jim Corbett.

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